After a hiatus from Pod-casting THE GOTHAM CITY GAZETTE IS BACK!!! Mike, Matt and Darren are here to stay. This week special guest star Keith is in studio. Longtime friend of the Gazette and the and long-time pal of the GCG crew. This week in media news their was quite a bit of gab including Justice League Film Wrap, Alleged Actors confirmed for Batman Solo flick, Batman: The Animated Series POPS....(Take my money now) and much more. In comic news Batman and the Monster Men a Bat-title crossover story has been finished and were itching to talk about it. Plus a recap of some of the recent Rebirth Titles including Aqua-man and Green Arrow plus the premiere of Trinity. Is Clay-face the villain to hero redemption story we wanted all along? Tune in here to hear and Thanks Again For listening all your support. 

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