Mike, Matt and Darren are back to dicuss all things Batman and DC. Lots of things to cover in the fast paced Batman News cycle. From the rumor mills with Ben Affeck and Warner Brothers to the constant anouncements on future DCEU movies the whirlwind of nerdformation is extriodinary. Its a Batfan paradise with the recent release of LEGO BATMAN and the JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK movies. We have full reviews on both the recent Batman Movies (and quite a few LEGO BATMAN quotes) as spoler free as possible. In are last segment we dicuss the recent DC Rebirth story arc wrap up including the recent "I am Suicide" and "Rooftops"in Batman and an in-depth analysis of Batwoman issue 1. We also dicuss Batman Detective, Nightwing, Aquaman, Redhood and Outlaws and many more. Thanks again for tuning in.

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